There are quite a few interior design styles. And as interior design grows in popularity due to the tv and other media exposure the amount of sub styles increase. Ten years ago we mostly tried to determine if a client was traditional or contemporary. Which meant figuring out if their interior design style was about curves, muted colors, cherry woods and antiques. Or determining that their interior design style was all about clean, simple lines, little to no clutter, and light wood. Now we have a great deal more influences on interior design styles. And here in the Tampa Bay area we have not only continental influences but also global influences. Contemporary interior design style has now been divided into modern, transitional, global modern, modern loft, and urban to name a few. While traditional interior design style has been broken up into country, french country, english garden, european, and transitional.

We also have interior design styles specific to the Tampa Bay area. These interior design styles include the West Indies/Tommy Bahama, Key West, and coastal styles.

And of course there is the most ambiguous style of all – Eclectic. This interior design style is the incorporation of many of the above named styles with little to no rules as to how to incorporate each style.

There are a great deal more interior design styles but these are the main interior design style seen in the Tampa Bay area.

Classic Tampa Bay Traditional

This is a great example of classic traditional Tampa bay interior design style. It includes soft muted colors, with metal and rattan elements. It also highlights a traditional balanced style with the matching lamps and artwork. It has been made cozy with the use of an ottoman instead of the traditional cocktail table. The use of shear drapery also adds to the warm and inviting atmosphere by defusing the bright Florida sun. While the traditional silk swags and drapery panels add a sense of class. The room is completed with a dark traditional oriental rug which not only grounds the room but also juxtaposes the light upholstery creating interest.

Tampa Bay's new traditional interior design style

Tampa Bay’s new traditional interior design style is all about color. It is about creating the warm, inviting, and memorable outside, inside. This room is about the Tampa bay dawn. It uses the colors of dawn, the warm reds, yellows, oranges and purples. The colors that the sun brings to life. The sofa has a great swoop to the back playing with the classic curves of traditional styles and modernizing traditional. The wing chairs are updated with clean lines. And made luscious with a warm and opulent velvet. All the colors are pulled together with the great pillow fabric. The pillow fabric is a modern floral. It has all the great Tampa bay dawn colors with the playful attitude. The room is completed with the cream colors that represent the Tampa bay white sand beaches.

Tampa Bay Modern

Tampa Bay modern is taking the contemporary interior design style and adding Florida warmth. Warmth is created in the colors and textures. This home started as a great modern concrete and glass home. It sits on the water which is reflected in the home’s structure. The warm woods offset the cool concrete. The white leather keeps the upholstery clean and reminds one of the white crests of the waves.

Tampa Bay Modern

The loft is modern and cozy. This is an interior design style specific to Tampa Bay. It is taking the classically cold, modern style and making it warm and cozy. The red leather is juxtaposed with the soft pillows. The metal railings are complimented by the warm cherry wood. And the contemporary wool rug not only ties it all together but makes one just want to dig their toes into it. It is a great place to work and also to just watch the sunset.

Interior design styles are as different as the people who live in them. Here in Tampa bay we bring the beautiful outside in. We create style that is welcoming and a reflection of all that Tampa bay is about. What interior design style do you fall into?