Furniture Fashion Week or also known as High Point Market is the highlight of the fall and spring for every interior designer, or at least this interior designer. I die for furniture fashion! It is not only a highly coveted event for designers but also for furniture enthusiasts. So I thought I would give a bit of an insider’s view of what market is like. First there is security posted at all entrances of each of the market buildings. To get into any of the buildings, which are located in a three-mile radius in downtown High Point North Carolina, you have to wear a badge that security checks and scans to confirm authenticity and traffic counts. To get a badge you have to be in the furniture, design or press industries. The badges are clearly marked buyer, exhibitor, industry or press. From having spoken with the security guards there are many people who try to get into market and have unbelievable stories as to why they don’t have their passes. Needless to say they are not allowed inside.

So for me day 1 of furniture fashion week started at the IHFC (International Home Furnishings Center) building. Which is the largest and the main building. There are twelve floors and six wings to the IHFC building. This can be confusing to navigate and since some exhibitors change locations from market to market a little overwhelming. I started in the main wing with outdoor furniture and lighting. The first thing that I saw that was really a trend setting display was at Curry and Company. This was the Moroccan lighting. These lights are absolutely gorgeous. They are combinations of hand hammered and beaded hanging lanterns. The beads are done in amber in this picture but can also be done in blue.

The light that comes from these beautiful lights is soft and create and wonderful ambiance for any room. They will be a great way to give a room a real wow factor.

From lighting I went on to meet with my Stanley Furniture Representative to see the new products and where they saw the trends going. The new line that has been added to the Coastal Living Collection is amazing! They have added great new adaptable pieces with a wide variety of finishes. And what I noticed trend wise was the French Laundry style that I know is going to be the new trend.

Stanley Furniture French Laundry

From Stanley I went on within the IHFC to find unique pieces and lines for my clients. I love having the ability to use a combination of well-known companies and smaller one-of-a-kind companies to give my clients the look of their dreams. The first thing that I saw hat made me stop enforced my earlier thought that Moroccan was going to be one of the upcoming trends.

Wunderly Lighting

Wunderly Moroccan Chair


I also went into the Rowe Showroom and again saw the earlier trends being re-enforced. The French Laundry look is really hot! Personally I am really happy to see the french laundry style. I have been really into this look for the past three years and it is great to see companies manufacturing the style. Going through certain parts of market this fall was like someone had picked my brain while I was sleeping and created the looks. Here is some of Rowe’s take on the french laundry look.

Rowe FurnitureRowe Furniture