It is coming to that time of year where the kids will be out of school and that means it is time to start living outdoors. So if the party is going to be outside that means that there needs to be an outdoor living room. When designing your outdoor living space there are a few important things to think about.

First, how are you going to be using the space? How many people to you need seating for? Is it your retreat away from the hectic day or is the party scene? Once you know what the use is going to be then we can create the space of your dreams.

Second, lighting is super important. You need enough light for the evenings but not so much that you are attracting every bug in the state along with giving your neighbors a show. So remember it is about mood lighting not creating daylight in the evening.

Third, stay true to who you are. If you just want to sit and swing on a great porch swing while enjoying the evening and a glass of wine then that’s what you need. Don’t overdo a space because it looked great in a picture. You will rarely use it and will not enjoy it as much as it you had stuck with how you live.

And lastly, don’t get yourself overwhelmed by the project. Call a designer even if you just have a plan put together for you it will make your life so much easier.

Here are some great ideas for outdoor living:










Enjoy, have fun and live life to the fullest!