Designing You Saturday, Jan 28 2017 

I am very excited to say that the book is done and now available through Amazon! It has been a project of love and an amazing experience. I had always thought about writing a book but never really thought it was something that I would do. It is done and I thought I would go into a bit more depth as to what the book is about and what is in the book.


Designing You is about my philosophy on design, what it is like to work with me, and a self evaluation on your personal design style. To me interior design is all about the client. For many years and through much of my early training I heard all about how the client doesn’t know what they want. That is is the designers job to tell them what they should do. That it is the designer and only the designer that has the style and vision to see what should be done. I have always felt that this was not correct. Yes, we as designers much have a vision for what the space is going to be. But we much get that vision from somewhere. And it must come from the client.


Throughout the book you will learn about how working from a client driven space creates designs that our clients love for many years, because they are all about them.

I also want all of my readers to be able to get to know themselves more. So in the book I have included a color/design quiz that will help each reader to better understand their own personal style. I have dropped the traditional hard to understand design terms and created it in everyday language. Good design is for everyone.


I will take you on a journey of what it is like to work on clients designs, what Furniture Fashion Week is all about, and why I do what I do. Creating great design, is creating a place that you can soar from. The process includes every emotion out there. When I design I have to get into the heads of my clients. So when I am shopping for them I have to see everything as they would see it. Go through all the options and then present to them only what is best for them.

And of course there are some great pictures of completed spaces. I have included some of my favorite projects in the book to show what it is like when a space is completed. The styles range all over the place, from beach living to traditional to contemporary. And as I designer I feel that I should always be able to pop back and forth between styles because each client is different and deserves to have a design specific to them.


So please enjoy, check it out. Pick up the paper copy so that you can write in it and mark things that you love. But most of all find out more about who you are and your personal style.

Depth of Color – make your design stand out! Sunday, Oct 9 2016 

As we are getting closer and closer to fall market or “furniture fashion week” I start thinking more and more what trends I am loving in design and where I see things going. We are still seeing lots of grays and neutrals in day to day design, however there are lots of deep jewel tones that are starting to come back. They are going added to neutrals to give a depth that allows for a richer feeling space. I’m in love with all the historic colors and love it when I can pop a design with them. These historic colors are things like peacock blues, deep Jade greens, rich cranberries and lush pumpkins. Here are some of the products I’m in love with and are finding to be go tos for design.

Even just touches of these deep tones add such warmth and balance to a space. Gone are the cold stark spaces, think warm hugs when entering spaces. 

I can’t wait to see what will be new at market this month, but I can definitely say I will be looking for pieces that will add depth and texture to a space.

The Right Piece Tuesday, Jun 9 2015 

There are many times that I am asked what piece must every room have. And yes there was a time in which it was true in design that there were specific layouts and pieces that were required in rooms to complete a style or design. Today, I don’t feel that this is really true. There are some guidelines that I tend to go by when designing a space. These include adding a touch of black to every space, mixing elements such as fabric, leather, wood, metals and glass, and having a natural element in each space. So I thought that I would post some pictures of items that I love to use. They are not all meant to be used together and they are meant for many different styles. I have found that over the years I have learned to appreciate and love many different styles so that I can truly create the space of my client’s dreams.

Here are some great light fixtures that bring drama and sophistication to just about any space. The right light, chandelier, pendant or ceiling mount will define the space and add an insight into the owner.












Here are some of my favorite furniture elements at add to a space. Furnishings with the right curves and angles will add interest to a space while helping to define the use of the room.

















Accessories can make the room. Here are some accessories designed to create the perfect image and feel for a space. Use them and remember it Si better to have one big awesome piece than a bunch of small ones.

4.20024 Fincastle Hall Mirror

308GU356P2 Ribbon Vase



















Creating the perfectly designed space is about creating around the people that will be using it. The right piece can change everything just as a wasted piece can ruin it. I don’t use a piece just to use it. There has to be a reason to add an element to the room, and it is ok for the reason to be that you love the piece. Not sure how to make it work for you? Call us or check out the website to shop from our favorite things.

Modern and Traditional Do Mix Tuesday, Jun 2 2015 

One of my favorite things to do is to use a modern sofa mixed with an antique oriental rug. Or use some really modern pieces in a Victorian home. Great interior design had some playfulness to it. You should have a smile on your face when you walk into the room. It should make you happy to see it. So here are a few looks that really pulled off the right combination of modern and traditional.





Have you seen a great combination of modern and traditional? Do you want more ideas how to combine these two? Tweet us or comment.

The Latest Interior Design Trends and Styles Friday, May 29 2015 

Interior Design and d├ęcor is a constant living breathing thing. And as I was attending a current trend lecture and line unveiling yesterday I was happily patted on the back to see the leaders in this industry say exactly what I have been saying for years. Interior design is about adding personal elements to the home, it is not about the designer. Now to take it even further the white, on white, on white, stark, hotel inspired look is done, over, finished. It is not about creating looks that could be in a home, but also an office, and a hotel. It is about creating personal spaces. Allowing the client to see themselves in the space. Adding those fun touches that make the space truly about those using and living in it. Whether you call it bohemian chic, post traditionalist, modern eclectic the bottom line is that it is personal. So here are some great images to see how the release of control is planning out in current design trends.
















So be yourself, don’t let anyone tell you to be something else, and have fun. For me I am so excited to be creating these kinds of looks for my clients making sure to include my clients in their homes.

High Point Market – Showrooms to See Tuesday, Apr 14 2015 

So we are now just days away from Furniture Fashion week so it is the time where we are planning on what vendors we will be seeing. Ok really most of the companies we have already booked our appointments with, so how about I give you a preview on a couple of the companies that we will be seeing at market. How about a great upholstery company that does beautiful bench made furniture right here in the USA?. Wesley Hall is one of my favorite companies they are a true American company that knows what true craftsmanship is. They still make everything by hand, no overseas product here. They have hundreds of items to choose from, thousands of fabrics and if there isn’t something that you absolutely love they will work with us to custom design the absolutely perfect piece.

Classic with a modern twist

Classic with a modern twist

Stately and refined with a little fun

Stately and refined with a little fun

Outdoor furniture is always an evolving is style and design. One of my favorites is Season Living, they not only offer furniture but great design and all the accent pieces that every space needs. So for outdoor furniture to outdoor lighting to outdoor accessories Seasonal Living gets my vote and my time at market.

From brightly colored ceramic tables to comfy modern seating it is all about Season Living.

From brightly colored ceramic tables to comfy modern seating it is all about Season Living.

Modern and functional

Modern and functional

Area rugs add the perfect place for that added touch. Whether it is a traditional hand knotted oriental rug, an over-dyed oushka, or modern geometric Surya has all the options. They have now also branched out to lighting, accessories and small furniture made with their beautiful rugs. They are always aware of the trends and are happy to be the trend setter. They always get my time at market.

Bohemian style with a modern twist.

Bohemian style with a modern twist.

All about the marshals!

All about the marsalas!

So are you as excited as I am? It will be fantastic to see how these amazing companies outdo what they did last year. All of the showrooms have a bit more fun at Spring market so it should be a colorful time.

Furniture Fashion Week, Why I Go Tuesday, Mar 31 2015 

So it is just about that time again, furniture fashion week. That’s right those of us in the industry are getting ready to descend on the town of High Point, NC and shop until we drop. Ok so we may not be shopping all the time, but what we are doing is seeing all of the new trends and the up and coming designer and companies. We are also going to seminars about how we can be better designer, business people and companies. We are finding out about the newest software to make our lives easier and how to make our clients lives better. But during all of that we definitely have some fun and certainly don’t sleep. It means long days, usually at the first showroom by 8am and working until 8-9pm. We are shopping for clients, showrooms, new vendors and just to keep up with the newest ideas. It is super fasted paced and it is all set in this great town that is the perfect mix of old and new. I say that because you may be in a hundred year old building at 9am and then in a brand new skyscraper in the afternoon and in the courtyard in the evening for wine, cheese and day end review. So how about a little peek into markets past? Here are some pictures of the fantastic buildings and showrooms that can be found at market. And yes this is just a very small slice into what happens at market.


















Are you as excited as I am for market? Keep checking in for updates on market as it is happening and my favorites from the show. Market will be from April 18-23, 2015. Almost time!

Quick Tips to Freshen Your Home Monday, Jun 23 2014 

There are many times in which your home needs a quick updating. This can be because you are looking to sell your home, you are having company or you are just plain tired of things. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to freshen up your home without major changes.

1) Change up your pillows. Find some great pattern pillows for your sofas and chairs. The change will make the room feel like a whole new space.

2) Change the area rug. Ok this can be expensive if you are the hand-knotted type so in that case change rooms with the rug. If you are not the hand-knotted type look at changing your rugs to a natural fiber rug to bring in texture.

3) Refinish an accent piece. I love the look of painted pieces. These can be a chest, accent table or a kitchen table. You can completely change the feeling of a place by refinishing a piece or two.

4) De-clutter your space. The number one reason people feel tired with a space is the lack of storage. This usually occurs because there is too much clutter. Add closet storage and multifunctional tables and chests for additional storage to keep the clutter out of eye sight. Also impose a system to get rid of paper clutter.

5) Use a few great large accessories instead of a bunch of small nic-nacks.

6) Incorporate season flowers and greenery to your home. Changing greenery with the season will give you a new feeling many times through out the year.

7) Paint an accent wall. Tired of everything being the same color. Create and accent wall with either paint or wallpaper to give the space a new feeling.

8) Rearrange the furniture. Changing up the way that you use a room can really change the feel to the space. Think outside of the box on this one, it is ok to place sofas on an angle. They do not have to be up against a wall.

9) Add a backsplash to your kitchen. This is a relatively easy update that will give your home much value and wow factor.

10) Change out plate glass bathroom mirrors for nicely framed ones. This will update the entire space and add value to the home.

Area Rug Construction and What it Means to You Monday, May 26 2014 

I know I have written about area rug construction before but I thought I would do it again as it has been awhile. Area rugs are constructed in five main ways. These construction methods are hand knotted, hand tufted, hand hooked, hand woven, and machine made. I am not going to talk about machine made.

The most desirable and valuable area rugs are hand knotted. These rugs last lifetimes, on average 100+ years depending on the knot count and the construction material. These rugs are usually made from wool and silk. They are constructed by tying a knot around a warp thread. There can be as many as a dozen artisans working on one hand knotted rug and they can take as long as a year to make. One of the major points people look to in determining quality are knots per square inch or kpsi. This can range from 15-2500 depending on the style and quality. For a Peshawar carpet 250 kpsi would be a very high count and be an extremely detailed rug. For a Nain Oriental carpet 250 kpsi would be a very low knot count as most are over 500 kpsi and usually range between 800-1250 kpsi. See below for a reference on how these rugs are made and the different styles if knots.





The next and the most common style of construction of area rugs are hand tufted. These are constructed by sketching a design on a piece of canvas and then threads are punched threw the canvas. Because there are no knots in this construction method there needs to be an additional backing added to these rugs. These rugs tend to be very plush and will last for years. They are also the rugs that tend to shed in the beginning and need to be vacuumed on a regular basis for the first month of use.


The next construction method is hand hooked. This is a very similar process to the hand tufted except the thread is pulled up in looped pile and not cut off like the tufted rugs. These do not shed as much as the tufted style but they are also not as plush and thick.

The last construction style of hand made rugs are hand woven. These rugs last almost as long as the hand knotted and are known for being reversible. These are also your tapestries and are many times used as wall hangings as well as carpets. These are thinner carpets and the main ones that you find are flat weaves or soumaks. These can be found made from wool or cotton.


Area rugs are one of the most important elements to designing the perfect space. When you are selecting your area rugs you need to keep in mind ease of use, longevity, quality and touch. And of course there is always budget. Area rugs can range in price by thousands of dollars so before you purchase think about how you are going to use the rug and what you want to pay for one. If you are looking for a great piece of high quality that will last forever then you should be shopping hand knotted rugs. If you want something for a beach cottage that is going to be getting lots of use, sand and salt water then a hand woven is a better option for you. Still not sure what will work best for you? Ask a designer to help you select the right rug for your home or office.

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