Designing You Saturday, Jan 28 2017 

I am very excited to say that the book is done and now available through Amazon! It has been a project of love and an amazing experience. I had always thought about writing a book but never really thought it was something that I would do. It is done and I thought I would go into a bit more depth as to what the book is about and what is in the book.


Designing You is about my philosophy on design, what it is like to work with me, and a self evaluation on your personal design style. To me interior design is all about the client. For many years and through much of my early training I heard all about how the client doesn’t know what they want. That is is the designers job to tell them what they should do. That it is the designer and only the designer that has the style and vision to see what should be done. I have always felt that this was not correct. Yes, we as designers much have a vision for what the space is going to be. But we much get that vision from somewhere. And it must come from the client.


Throughout the book you will learn about how working from a client driven space creates designs that our clients love for many years, because they are all about them.

I also want all of my readers to be able to get to know themselves more. So in the book I have included a color/design quiz that will help each reader to better understand their own personal style. I have dropped the traditional hard to understand design terms and created it in everyday language. Good design is for everyone.


I will take you on a journey of what it is like to work on clients designs, what Furniture Fashion Week is all about, and why I do what I do. Creating great design, is creating a place that you can soar from. The process includes every emotion out there. When I design I have to get into the heads of my clients. So when I am shopping for them I have to see everything as they would see it. Go through all the options and then present to them only what is best for them.

And of course there are some great pictures of completed spaces. I have included some of my favorite projects in the book to show what it is like when a space is completed. The styles range all over the place, from beach living to traditional to contemporary. And as I designer I feel that I should always be able to pop back and forth between styles because each client is different and deserves to have a design specific to them.


So please enjoy, check it out. Pick up the paper copy so that you can write in it and mark things that you love. But most of all find out more about who you are and your personal style.

Holiday Crafts with the Kids Saturday, Nov 29 2014 

It is officially the holiday season, and that means the kids are home from school. Which means I’m constantly searching for things for them to do. And since it is the holiday season that means crafts, but hey I can’t do just any craft it has to be something different. So this year we decided to decorate glass ornaments. I figured hey we always lose a few every year, either from the animals, kids, or just plan clumsiness. So extra ornaments are never a problem. We decided to try the glitter and floor cleaner method.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about it is pretty simple and you can Google videos if you need to see the whole process. But the basic idea is you fill the glass ornament with the liquid floor cleaner, we used one the smells like almonds which was a nice addition, you swirl it around in the ornament then pour it out. Make sure to not have any bubbles. You then fill the ornament with the glitter of your choice, make sure it’s not glitter glue, swirl it around in the ornament to cover all of the inside. Then pour out the extra glitter. Very easy, and the kids had a great time. It was a little more difficult for Elliana at age three but perfect for Aden at age seven, Aaron at fifteen was too cool to join in. 

As you do them you can have fun and mix different colors together and create swirl designs or rainbow ornaments. After a few the technique is really easy and the final protect is really nice. And the best part is that with the glitter on the inside it shouldn’t crack and flake off over time. If you are going to let the kids do the decorating be prepared to have glitter everywhere, and vacuuming just doesn’t get it all up.

Here are some pictures of our finished ornaments and my son Aden decorating.








These will make great gifts for teachers, additions to the tree, and perfect to fill vases and hang for decorating. So don’t leave the kids out when decorating for the holidays, let them join in and have fun together as a family!

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