Let’s Talk Outdoor Furniture Wednesday, Jun 28 2017 

Since it is summer time and we all want to be living outside, in amazing weather I thought we would talk outdoor furniture. So what are the major things that everyone wants outside, a place to sit and enjoy company of just a great evening/day with the family. So here are some of my favorite pieces for outdoor summer living. And if you live in Florida like I do these pieces get to be used all year round.

Notice it is all about the spa like style. It is about relaxing and enjoying the space comfortably. It doesn’t mean it has to be boring but serene is a wonderful thing. Don’t for get to add some fire or water features. These great fire pits and fountains are a great way to add elements to your back yard.

Don’t forget about dining, lighting and accessories. Outside is just as much a space to be designing as inside.

And Rugs are absolutely essential to creating that space that is going to give you a hug.

It’s time to be living outdoors. Not sure how to make it work in your home? Let us help you to create a space that you will love all year round whether you live in Florida or anywhere else in the world. And don’t forget to have fun!

My Favorite Lighting for 2017 Friday, Jan 20 2017 

The right lighting makes such a difference in any space. Lighting is an item that is both functional and beautiful. It influences how we use the space and defines they style. It can be hanging, on tables, or standing on the floor. Every room needs three sources of lighting, one completely functional, one for ambiance and one that is both. Here are my favorite hanging lights that I see being very popular in 2017.

Lamps are extremely important for adding function and ambiance. They can be clean and simple, whimsical, functional, and elegant. Here are some of my favorite new releases.

Sconces are a fantastic place to add light and design to any space. They are all about ambiance and elevate any room. Check out some of the newest sconce designs.

Check out your lighting, is it solely functional? If so, see how you can incorporate some of the above items into your room design. Don’t know where to get them? Give us a call so we can ship them directly to you!

Designing for Abundance Thursday, Jan 12 2017 

I thought that I would continue about designing with feng shui in mind. As we continue into 2017 I am going to take an area that can be improved through design using principles of feng shui. Abundance is an area that many are wanting to increase. Abundance can mean money or wealth but it can also be abundance of love, family, clients, happiness, or anything in your life that you want to increase. As I shared in the last post you have a wealth or abundance area in your home or office, if you are standing at the front of the space looking in, it is the back left corner. This is using the more modern version of the bagua. If this area in your space is not designed properly or there are flow issues there are some easy ways to get it in order. First, make sure that it is not a neglected space. This could mean that you have not put anything on the walls, or that it has become a catch-all. If that is the case first thing you want to do is clean out the space so that it can be a functioning part of your home.

Now to bring in abundance there are some great items that can go in that space. One of the main cures for a space is a water feature. Water is a symbol of abundance and can quickly change the energy to the space. I love a fountain and there are specific feng shui fountains. I do not feel that you have to go to that extent but having a fountain in the north-west corner will definitely increase the abundance in your home or office. They do not have to be large fountains, it can be as simple as a table top or desk top fountain. Here are some great fountains that I love.

If the area will not fit or work with a water feature look for a painting or image that features water. This could be a landscape with a waterfall or of the ocean. This will also bring in the water element to increase the chi.

You can also bring in other feng shui cures to the space to increase abundance. A vase with lucky bamboo or a healing tree. I make healing trees for my clients an incorporate what they need in the tree. These are made from gems. Each gem has an area that they influence and bring an energy to the space. Some are for protection, abundance, hope, energy, clarity, communication and so on. Placing a healing tree in your abundance region of your home will help to increase whatever area of your life that you want to increase. Here are some that I have made.

When creating these I use raw gems, which include emeralds, rubies, quartz, sapphires, aquamarine amethyst and other gemstones.

If your abundance area is in a challenging space in the house you will need to make sure to be especially diligent on maintaining that area. You will also want to use more than one cure. This could mean that if it is in the bathroom that you have both a painting with a water element and a fountain or healing tree. You can also add lighting that has crystals. There are some great light fixtures that incorporate crystal into them. Just make sure they are actual crystal not just look like crystals. Check these out.

Incorporating feng shui into your home does not mean that it has to be unconventional items. Everyday items in the right placement can completely change the energy in the space.

Balance and Harmony for the New Year Monday, Jan 9 2017 

As 2017 begins it is time to see if our lives are truly in balance with what we want. For interior design that means asking the question is your home or office in alignment for your goals and do you feel a big hug when you walk through your front door? If not then it might be time to do some energy work with your design by employing some Feng Shui principals. Let’s first talk about what Feng Shui is. The words Feng Shui mean wind and water. Which makes sense as it is about using the elements, colors and shapes to create a space that is in balance with the natural world. Feng Shui has a traditional implementation and there is now a more modern implementation. It is this more modern implementation that I use with my clients and what I feel is easier to understand and implement into our everyday lives. Either style, the main purpose is to have your Chi, or energy flow, to stay gently flowing through your space as opposed to flowing straight out or becoming stuck or blocked. Each element must be in balance to create the proper flow of chi.

So let’s talk about what the elements are and how they are represented. The five elements are fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. Each of these elements have shapes, colors and attributes.

Fire – triangle, red, orange, purple, passions, emotion

Earth – square, brown, yellow, grounding, stability

Metal – circle, white, metallic, strength, independence

Water – curvy, blue, black, relaxation, inspiration

Wood – rectangle, green, teal, growth, expansion

In traditional Feng Shui it is about the placement of the Bagua an octagon shaped chart that each section represents areas of your life. It is used to place items in accordance with the elements within your home or office to affect the chi of the space. In a modern approach to Feng Shui a vertical or horizontal chart is used and is based on the shape of your home or office. This new chart is also based on nine areas of your life.


When working with this modern approach each item that goes into a space still has impact and is used for specific reasons.

Color is used to represent and balance the elements.

Sound such as music is used to connect to the environment. This can be used to remove stress from a space.

Lighting is used to bring more chi into a space.

Art enhances chi. The placement of the artwork will increase the chi to the area it is placed.

Growing things such as plants connect you to the natural world. if the light is poor in an area that needs a better connection silk plants can be used.

Water features increase the flow of chi throughout your space. These can be fountains or aquariums.

Wind features attract chi into your space. This can be wind chimes, weather vanes, banners, flags and mobiles.

Mirrors and crystals are used to unblock structural elements that cannot be changed.

So how do you incorporate this into your home or office? Start small, if your entry is to a wall add a mirror to remove the blockage that is created with the stop. Make sure that each of your spaces has each of the elements represented. Focus on the one area that you want to increase and make sure that your house is aligned with that focus. As you affect and change your first focused area move on to the next. Remember it is a living space and the energy or chi will always be changing. We want to make sure that you are bringing in the energy you want and keeping it flowing through your space. But it is also understood that as our lives continue to progress we must adapt and incorporate new technologies and how they effect our environments.

Make 2017 your best year yet, start by creating balance and harmony in your home and office. Once this is created you will be able to achieve anything you decide to create.

Lighting – Is it Time to Update? Tuesday, Feb 2 2016 

In January there is such a huge push for the new year new you, but by the time we get to February there is a tendency to have fallen behind in all the things that you were going to do. So let’s look at updating your home in small bits, little things that will make a huge impact. One of those areas is lighting. The right lighting will be like a facelift for your home. There are many places where you can update your lighting.

The first are your hanging fixtures. Maybe you still have the builders fixtures in your home. Maybe you selected lights when you first moved in but haven’t thought about changing them in years. Maybe you still have the capped plate at the box where a chandelier is supposed to be hanging. Here are some great newly released hanging lights that will update your home.01193-default 07951 08367 06228 06923 07661 08539 08545 (2)

How fun are these lights? There are lights for every flavor and many, many more whether you are contemporary, traditional or transitional there are the right hanging lights for every home.

Do you have places where you were going to hang sconces but never got around to it? Or maybe you have a room that could use more light but are not sure where to get it from. Sconces can be a great place to add more light and change the feeling of the room. Here are some new sconces that would really change the design of the space.

06592 05158-default 07947 08536

Can you see your room changing?

The last area where lighting will change the design of the room are in your table lamps. There are many different styles and compositions of table lamps. So no matter what you love there are great options. Here are some of the new lamps that have been released recently.

07866-default 08520-default 08527-default 07745-default 08524-default 07978-default 08505-default Are you updating your home in your mind? Can you see how little changes will make a big impact? Start small, work on one thing at a time and you will see your resolution of updating your home start to come into realization.


The Right Piece Tuesday, Jun 9 2015 

There are many times that I am asked what piece must every room have. And yes there was a time in which it was true in design that there were specific layouts and pieces that were required in rooms to complete a style or design. Today, I don’t feel that this is really true. There are some guidelines that I tend to go by when designing a space. These include adding a touch of black to every space, mixing elements such as fabric, leather, wood, metals and glass, and having a natural element in each space. So I thought that I would post some pictures of items that I love to use. They are not all meant to be used together and they are meant for many different styles. I have found that over the years I have learned to appreciate and love many different styles so that I can truly create the space of my client’s dreams.

Here are some great light fixtures that bring drama and sophistication to just about any space. The right light, chandelier, pendant or ceiling mount will define the space and add an insight into the owner.












Here are some of my favorite furniture elements at add to a space. Furnishings with the right curves and angles will add interest to a space while helping to define the use of the room.

















Accessories can make the room. Here are some accessories designed to create the perfect image and feel for a space. Use them and remember it Si better to have one big awesome piece than a bunch of small ones.

4.20024 Fincastle Hall Mirror

308GU356P2 Ribbon Vase



















Creating the perfectly designed space is about creating around the people that will be using it. The right piece can change everything just as a wasted piece can ruin it. I don’t use a piece just to use it. There has to be a reason to add an element to the room, and it is ok for the reason to be that you love the piece. Not sure how to make it work for you? Call us or check out the website to shop from our favorite things.

Light up your Style Friday, Feb 6 2015 

This week I had a very interesting request by one of my favorite home decor websites. One Kings Lane asked me if I would write a post about jewelery and lighting. Not sure where this is going? Keep reading, this is going to be fun and a bit of an insight into my personal style. The idea of the request was to pair my favorite piece of jewelery with my favorite chandelier. So I thought about it for a bit and there are tons of pieces of jewelry that I love and the same for chandeliers. I love bling and sparkles. I love classic and modern. I love big, oversized and chunky bangles. I also love long necklaces with fringe. However, when I think of my favorite piece of jewelry it has to be my beautiful engagement ring that my husband gave me eight years ago. It is classic and modern, sparkles and is the perfect example of my personal style.


See what I mean. It is just the perfect piece of jewelry. So how does that translate to a chandelier? Well for me that means it has to be classic, stylish and a showstopper. All the things that a chandelier should be. Chandeliers are no longer just for dining rooms. We are using beautiful chandeliers in living rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and even in closets. My favorite chandelier, well it has sparkles (crystals) strength (wood and metal) and an elegant feeling (curves).


Do you see it? Classic yet also a modern feel. Curves, definition and some bling. Nothing too much and nothing too little. A perfect combination of high style and tradition. So when you are looking for a chandelier that fits your style think of that perfect piece of jewelry. Think about what your style. Want to know where to find the perfect chandelier? Well, if you can’t find it on my website check out One Kings Lane at https://www.onekingslane.com/lighting/chandeliers to see their great selections. And stay true to yourself and style as your home is a reflection of who you are.

Lamps, Lamps and Lamps Tuesday, Jun 10 2014 

One of the most important finishing touches to a room is the lighting and most in particular are the lamps. These pieces not only give you function but also they add style to the room. There are many materials that lamps can be made from. Each material gives a different feel to the space.

First there is mercury glass. This is one of my favorite types of material to make lamps from. This is different from regular glass as mercury glass has an old and new feeling at the same time. It will also look silver and gold, while being transparent but opaque at the same time. It is simply a contradiction of a material which makes it fantastic for interior design. Here are some different lamps made from mercury glass.

A touch of a Moroccan feel with this design.

A touch of a Moroccan feel with this design.

A mercury glass floor lamp for a touch of traditional and modern.

A mercury glass floor lamp for a touch of traditional and modern.

A classic mercury glass table lamp.

A classic mercury glass table lamp.

Different shapes make the mercury glass come to life.

Different shapes make the mercury glass come to life.

Ceramic is one of your most popular materials to make lamps from. The great things about ceramic lamps are that you can do any color or shape with them. They can add a softening effect to the room design and tend to stay in style.

Blue ceramic gourd lamp.

Blue ceramic gourd lamp.

Lattice design on a white ceramic lamp, simple and elegant.

Lattice design on a white ceramic lamp, simple and elegant.

Orange ceramic gourd lamp

Orange ceramic gourd lamp

pale blue ceramic matching gourd lamps.

pale blue ceramic matching gourd lamps.

Metal lamps can be quite intricate and can be either modern or traditional. They give the space a very distinct look and are a definite WOW piece.

Hand hammered kettle lamp.

Hand hammered kettle lamp.

Modern twisted metal lamp.

Modern twisted metal lamp.

Traditional metal scroll lamp.

Traditional metal scroll lamp.

The last type of material that I am going to talk is glass. This plain material can be transformed into something magnificent. It can be clear, colored or filled with objects. This is a great answer for just about any space and they are usually extremely economical. Here are some different glass lamps.

Colorful glass bubble lamps

Colorful glass bubble lamps

A clear glass lamp that is simple and elegant

A clear glass lamp that is simple and elegant

Filled glass lamps

Filled glass lamps


A seaside filled glass lamp

A seaside filled glass lamp

Buffet height cylinder glass lamps

Buffet height cylinder glass lamps

A perfume bottle shaped glass lamp

A perfume bottle shaped glass lamp

So the next time you are looking around your space and feel like something is missing or needs to change, look to your lamps to add new life to your room.

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