Design Undefined – Area Rugs Friday, Oct 20 2017 

Do you wonder where to start with area rugs? I absolutely love area rugs and here is why, they are the starting point for many great designs. And yes they should be the largest item in the room. We do not want to have a coaster for the cocktail table we want a grounding point that will encompass the room.

Area rugs are not just for living rooms or great rooms. They area great in bedrooms, outdoor patios, dining rooms, dens and kitchens. Really area rugs are great for anywhere that you have furniture.

How do we know which area rugs is going to work best? We listen to our clients to get to know their lifestyle, likes and wants. Then we select the right one for them. We have tons of styles in our showroom but we also have many sources for when we don’t have the perfect one on hand.


Looking for the perfect area rug for your home? We would love to help! Give us a call or if you are in the Tampa area come stop in!

Design Undefined Monday, Sep 4 2017 

We are so happy to announce that today was the first short segment of Design Undefined.

 The is a TV series we are doing with ABC’s Morning Blend Tampa Bay. It is airing every Monday and Tuesday at 10am. If you are in Florida and on the West coast you can watch it at 10am. Not in Florida we will be posting the segments after they air here and on our website and social media. 

This morning we talked about how to incorporate a fall feeling to your home in simple elegant ways. We started with tips on fall floral arrangements. 

Tune in tomorrow to see more fall tips!

Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper Saturday, Jul 8 2017 

Wallpaper has grown and changed over the years. The materials used are different, textures are gallore and they are like pieces of art. So I thought I would show you some of my favorites.

Art do your walls

Moroccan style

Watercolor design


Printed seagrass

Wall art

Seagrass with metallics

Elegant design

Style and texture

Wallpaper can be scary because there has been so much bad press about installation and removal. But here is the thing, what you can do with wallpaper you simply can’t do with paint, for a reasonable price. Look how these spaces just dazzle with wallpaper.

Old world meets new world

Tile mosaic wallpaper

Details details

Works of art

What amazing depth and style that these papers add! So when you want to transform your space think wallpaper. Want to see more? Check us out on ABC’s Morning Blend Tampa Bay Monday at 10am. And remember it’s not your Grandma’s wallpaper!

Lighting – Is it Time to Update? Tuesday, Feb 2 2016 

In January there is such a huge push for the new year new you, but by the time we get to February there is a tendency to have fallen behind in all the things that you were going to do. So let’s look at updating your home in small bits, little things that will make a huge impact. One of those areas is lighting. The right lighting will be like a facelift for your home. There are many places where you can update your lighting.

The first are your hanging fixtures. Maybe you still have the builders fixtures in your home. Maybe you selected lights when you first moved in but haven’t thought about changing them in years. Maybe you still have the capped plate at the box where a chandelier is supposed to be hanging. Here are some great newly released hanging lights that will update your home.01193-default 07951 08367 06228 06923 07661 08539 08545 (2)

How fun are these lights? There are lights for every flavor and many, many more whether you are contemporary, traditional or transitional there are the right hanging lights for every home.

Do you have places where you were going to hang sconces but never got around to it? Or maybe you have a room that could use more light but are not sure where to get it from. Sconces can be a great place to add more light and change the feeling of the room. Here are some new sconces that would really change the design of the space.

06592 05158-default 07947 08536

Can you see your room changing?

The last area where lighting will change the design of the room are in your table lamps. There are many different styles and compositions of table lamps. So no matter what you love there are great options. Here are some of the new lamps that have been released recently.

07866-default 08520-default 08527-default 07745-default 08524-default 07978-default 08505-default Are you updating your home in your mind? Can you see how little changes will make a big impact? Start small, work on one thing at a time and you will see your resolution of updating your home start to come into realization.


Living Rooms Sunday, Jan 31 2016 

So for many years now the trend has been open concept. This is the floor plan where there are very few walls though the interior main rooms of a home. There aren’t any walls blocking the kitchen from the great room and the main areas used by the occupants. In this floor plan the living room went goodbye. The living room became the unused room. So it became the room that was no needed and then eliminated in many of the new home designs.

Well, when we eliminated the living room we got rid of the technology free room. The room that was used for actually talking to the people in the home. The room where you sat and visited with your company instead of sitting on a sofa with a TV going. When we went to the great room design, rooms began to be designed around TV viewing not the occupants of the home. But guess what, the living room is coming back. People are realizing that it is nice to have a quiet room. It is nice to have a room where the TV is not the dominant force in the design. So how about a view of some great living rooms that don’t have a TV.

A great conversational area created with pops of bright colors.

A great conversational area created with pops of bright colors.

A transitional living room, warm and cozy inviting the occupants to converse.

A transitional living room, warm and cozy inviting the occupants to converse.

Traditional with light earth tones all about conversation.

Traditional with light earth tones all about conversation.

Beach living made to invite conversation.

Beach living made to invite conversation.

Traditional design from top to bottom reminiscent of the colonial styled home.

Traditional design from top to bottom reminiscent of the colonial styled home.

Traditional mixed with a touch of mid century design, bringing back conversation.

Traditional mixed with a touch of mid century design, bringing back conversation.

Modern and contemporary but still all about the conversational space.

Modern and contemporary but still all about the conversational space.

So how fantastic are these rooms that hold no technology and are inviting. These rooms are all about the users and remind us that we need to have quiet time. These living rooms allow for conversation, quiet time and simplicity.

The Right Piece Tuesday, Jun 9 2015 

There are many times that I am asked what piece must every room have. And yes there was a time in which it was true in design that there were specific layouts and pieces that were required in rooms to complete a style or design. Today, I don’t feel that this is really true. There are some guidelines that I tend to go by when designing a space. These include adding a touch of black to every space, mixing elements such as fabric, leather, wood, metals and glass, and having a natural element in each space. So I thought that I would post some pictures of items that I love to use. They are not all meant to be used together and they are meant for many different styles. I have found that over the years I have learned to appreciate and love many different styles so that I can truly create the space of my client’s dreams.

Here are some great light fixtures that bring drama and sophistication to just about any space. The right light, chandelier, pendant or ceiling mount will define the space and add an insight into the owner.












Here are some of my favorite furniture elements at add to a space. Furnishings with the right curves and angles will add interest to a space while helping to define the use of the room.

















Accessories can make the room. Here are some accessories designed to create the perfect image and feel for a space. Use them and remember it Si better to have one big awesome piece than a bunch of small ones.

4.20024 Fincastle Hall Mirror

308GU356P2 Ribbon Vase



















Creating the perfectly designed space is about creating around the people that will be using it. The right piece can change everything just as a wasted piece can ruin it. I don’t use a piece just to use it. There has to be a reason to add an element to the room, and it is ok for the reason to be that you love the piece. Not sure how to make it work for you? Call us or check out the website to shop from our favorite things.

Roman Shades – Function and Design Tuesday, Feb 24 2015 

One of the areas that I am asked questions on regularly is on window treatments. There are so many companies that claim to do window treatments, everything from the big box stores to the handyman but there are very few who really know and understand the use of the right window treatments. So I thought I would spend a little time on one type of window treatments. Roman Shades. This does not mean that there is only one style of roman shade just that it is one option when looking at how to design an home and the proper function. It is also one that I like a lot because although it can run a higher price for a single item it can be a money saving option since you do not need a second decorative treatments when using a roman shade. You can add a second decorative treatment, such as drapery or a cornice, but it is not required. There are other treatments that I would almost never do without a decorative addition.

So roman shades come in a few styles. The most common styles are flat and hobbled, but they can also be relaxed, dog eared, balloon or Austrian. So confusing with all the different names? Well don’t be confused or overwhelmed. Most of them look as they sound to their name. A flat roman means that when it is down the shade it completely flat. Hobbled means that even when completely down it as a soft billow at the fold points. Relaxed roman shades have a soft curve to the bottom. Dog eared is a relaxed shade with ends that look like floppy dog ears. Balloon and Austrian styles are soft and billowy with multiple curves and seem like they are multiple shades in one. If I break that down to a type of shade for a type of style your flat and relaxed shades will be a more modern or contemporary style, the hobbled, dog eared and relaxed are more country, the balloon or Austrian is very traditional and the your transitional style would lean toward flat, relaxed or hobbled. How about some visuals? Here are some romans shades of all types in different settings.
















See all the different ways that roman shades can be used. This is why I love them as one of my favorite answers for window treatments. They are great alone or with additional elements. So the next time you are looking at how to complete your room think about roman shades. And call a specialist in window treatments not just that big box store or the person who bought a franchise. As designers when know how to properly incorporate you into the space and get you the right treatments for your room.

Start the Year off Organized Monday, Dec 29 2014 

So it is just about the start of 2015 and if you are like most people you have decided to get organized this year. This also tends to be an intimidating task for many. There is the question of where to start, how to implement, and of course cost. So I thought I would give you some of my favorite ideas for organizing. These can help with everything from daily tasks like mail and chores to closets and mud rooms.













When it comes to organizing start small. Little changes make big impacts. So start with one space, complete that and then move on. Don’t have time to do it yourself?  Call in a professional, designers usually have access to products others don’t and can make sure the project flows properly for your home and how you function.

So start the year off right by getting your home in order.

Color of the year 2015 Wednesday, Dec 24 2014 

It’s that time of year when Pantone announces the color of the up coming year. And this year the color is marsala. This is a rich deep tone between red and brown. Think of the wine itself for a good idea on the color. Marsala takes the purple hue from last year in radiant orchid and turns up the maturity and elegance. This is a color that speaks of affluence and grandeur.



So what does this mean for the interior design and furnishings industry? It means lots of great fabrics will be coming out with real depth. This is a move away from the light and airy looks we have been seeing over the past few years. You will start to see darker colors on walls, craftsman styling will see a bit of a resurgence along with deep jewel tones. And all those gold accents you have been seeing recently will go perfectly with these deeper hues. This doesn’t mean you have to change your whole look little changes can make a huge impact, especially when working with this color.


Light blue walls become ultra rich when marsala is added.


Updating with marsala walls gives real depth.


Change out some of your dining chairs to update your look.

Are you feeling it? See how this color makes a space feel warmer and richer? Not your look? That’s ok you can add this color in accents and artwork. Or for something less permanent go for the floral arrangement. 

So as you go into 2015 take a hint from pantone and make this year deep and rich for you and your family.

Holidays Are Coming! Wednesday, Nov 12 2014 

It’s that time of year again, holiday times. That means company and parties and sometimes lots of stress over how to get it right. This year I thought I would give you some tablescape ideas centered around three items. These three easy to find and use items are ornaments, candles and flowers/greenery. These items are all around this time of year which means you can get them inexpensively and have many to choose from. Remember when you are designing your table to have fun, be unique and don’t be afraid to be different.

Here are some great starting points to begin with and then make your own.

Candles mixed with crystal and greenery.

Candles mixed with crystal and greenery.

Candles and crystal - elegant and simple.

Candles and crystal – elegant and simple.

Candles and flowers - have fun with the colors.

Candles and flowers – have fun with the colors.

Traditional candles and greenery

Traditional candles and greenery

Flowers and traditional colors

Flowers and traditional colors

Traditional holiday flowers

Traditional holiday flowers

Succulents as holiday decor

Succulents as holiday decor

Ornaments can make the perfect pop of color

Ornaments can make the perfect pop of color

Have fun! Use all the different ornaments with tons of color for a whimsical tablescape.

Have fun! Use all the different ornaments with tons of color for a whimsical tablescape.

So hopefully I gave you some great ideas to reduce your stress this holiday season. Remember, the holidays are about family, friends and gratitude don’t let a need for perfection stress you out.

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